Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Things!

I love new year.  It's just such a fresh start to things sometimes...

Plus, it's also the day that the Spawn turns 8.  I'm still trying to figure out where the heck the time went.

Speaking of new things, there's a new goober on the way.  We finally feel comfortable enough to announce it.  We had a miscarriage at the end of May 2010, that both the Chef and I struggled with.  Something that was so unexpected, but so very wanted.  But, we are expecting one last goober in the beginning of June of this year.  Sweet Nut is so very excited for his early birthday present (since our EDD is exactly one week before his birthday).  All 3 of our goobers are hoping to be blessed with a sister, but will also tell you they will take what God has chosen to give them.  I think that Spawn got them all saying that.

In other gooberish news:

Spawn has turned 8, and is doing much better in 2nd grade.  His teacher is a great fit for him, strict but understanding.  He still has some struggles which are normal at his age.  He had also stopped going for his biweekly visits with the social worker at school (yay) and only saw her on occasion, but I did get a permission slip for him to join the lunch buddy group that meets every 1-2 weeks.  He's come a long way with dealing with his feelings and I know his worker plays a big part in it.  He asked to see her, and he'll even tell you that she helps him figure out how to handle things.  Ideally, we'd like him not to need her anymore, but we're happy that he has the option there when he needs it.

Sweet Nut is also doing great in school.  He's right on track for most things, but is a bit social and a bit silly.  Nothing we didn't know before :D  He's made quite a few friends, and lost his first tooth finally after it was loose for like 3 weeks.  He's working on writing sentences, so there's lots of storytelling at our house.

Cute Boy is doing great as well.  We're working on letter recognition, and thanks to big brothers learning to read, he can tell you some letter sounds too.  He's also practicing writing letters, and counting.  He loves that he's got me to himself a few times a week, and loves that Ma-Ma (my mom) takes him out to lunch every Tuesday.  Which also usually includes a trip to the bookstore.  Just to show you how much he loves books, he had asked one day after lunch if he could get an ice cream.  We told him yes, but then we weren't going to be able to get a book.  "Um, that's ok.  I want to get my book."  So did not expect that out of the 3 year old.