About Us

Welcome to Goober-ville.

I'm Carrie, and I'm the Queen of the Goobers.  I'm engaged to the Chef and he is a wonderful step dad to my oldest two goobers; Spawn and Sweet Nut, and then we have 2 goobers together, Cute Boy and Baby Goober.

Spawn is currently 9 years old and is an awesome big brother.  He struggles daily with ADHD and asthma related problems, but he takes it all in stride.  He has a short temper like his momma, but is incredibly helpful and sweet...when it's on his terms.

Sweet Nut is 7 and the class clown.  His goal from day 1 is to give me at least one heart attack a day and see how many people he can get laughing at his antics at the same time.  He is best known for his sneak attack hugs and kisses.

Cute Boy is 5 and is the calm, shy one of the bunch.  Usually.  Or until he warms up to you, or where he happens to be.  He doesn't like new situations at first and takes a very long time to get used to it, but once he does, he can be just as crazy as his brothers.

Baby Goober aka Chunk is just turning 1 and is spoiled rotten by the big goobers.  He is an adorable ball of drool.

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