Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trials and Tribulations

When it rains it snows.

Haven't posted much because I'm working some things in my personal life.  Also I've taken on more responsibilities at work...although I'm still part time, I'm being pulled 3 different directions from 3 different projects I've taken on.  I know that will calm down once I get it all settled and get into a groove.

Goobers are goobers.  We're working through stuff with them too.

Hopefully life settles back down soon.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

And Spawn turns 9...

9 years ago at this time I was in a hospital bed...hoping that the little boy that had already made us wait over 2 weeks past his due date would decide to make his appearance soon.

Now, 9 years later that little boy is still just as stubborn as then, but he's grown so much-physically and emotionally.  He's big brother to Sweet Nut, Cute Boy and Baby Goober-as well as a baby brother from his dad.  He's an awesome big brother-although he has a quick temper.  But he's learning to be patient.

He's struggled a bit in school, but between getting his diagnosis of ADHD in June and having a great teacher this year who's very proactive in getting Spawn the help he needs.  We had a great teacher conference a month ago, which was a big turn around from second grade last year.

Anyways, Happy Ninth Birthday to my biggest goober.  I love you just as much as the first time I saw you 9 years ago.

And now on to the sappy sentimental pictures, :D

enjoying the snow...

getting ready for first grade
 turning 7

getting ready for second grade

bungee jumping into his 8th birthday

celebrating turning 9 at 12am.  First time he's ever stayed up on New Year's Eve!