Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... in Goober House!

So, we finally got the tree up yesterday.  And mailed the Christmas cards today.  Next on the list is Christmas shopping.  Yeah, I know, we're late this year.

Anyways, here are the boys Christmas pictures...

In case we don't post again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do not fear, for I am with you...

I'm putting it all out there for the first time.  Thanks to a humbling experience I had this morning, proof that God might not give us the answers we want right away, He will provide.

It seems like every time we take 1 step forward, we take 5 back.  We believe that things happen for a reason, good and bad.  It sucked that we lost the house we were renting, but 3 weeks before our move out date, we had family friends tell us of an apartment of theirs that was going to become available a week before we needed to be out.  Not only would we have approximately the same amount of space, but we would be paying $150 a month less in rent, and we wouldn't have to pay electric and heating, as they would include it.  We jumped on the opportunity, thinking we would be able to start saving and in a few years have enough for a down payment.

Then Baby Goober got sick.  Time off of work for me, numerous trips back and forth to the doctor, a new nebulizer, medicines, etc.  We just barely get over that when I land in the ER with horrible pain.  A week later, I'm on an operating table getting my gallbladder removed.  3 days in the hospital, and another week of no work.  The goobers spent the weekend with the sitter and then she came over when the Chef was at work to help with the kids, since I couldn't lift the baby.  Two weeks later, I had the opportunity to return to waitressing a few nights a week.  We jump at the opportunity again, thinking we can catch up again.  Then comes the week of Thanksgiving.  I spent that Tuesday night in the ER again.  They can't find the cause of the pain.  I see my Dr the next day and he prescribes Prilosec.  I returned to the ER on Thanksgiving, having pain when breathing.  They go on the assumption, based on my pain and a blood test that I have stray gallstone.  3 more days in the hospital.  The kids spend another weekend with the sitter.  Another week of not working.  I returned to work on Wednesday only to be called by the school nurse.  Sweet Nut got hit in they eye and needs to go to the dr.  So the end of the week is spent at the pediatricians, eye dr and pediatric eye specialists offices.  He's put on special eye drops to relieve the pressure in his eye.

So there's been alot of time where I've had to miss work.  But my kids still are at the sitters.  Our insurance deductible also reset on Nov 1st.  So while paying alot in premiums every month, now we have the first $3000 to worry about paying as well.  Luckily, between me, Sweet Nut and Baby Goober, we're already $2000 in.  And that's not counting the last hospital stay.

So I was invited by a friend to go to a local church this morning to visit their food pantry.  I mull it over.  And over.  And over.  I've had opportunities in the past to to food pantries, receive toys for tots etc.  And I've never done it.  Part of it was a pride thing.  I grew up in this area.  I didn't want anyone I KNEW knowing that we needed that kind of help.  I've slowly accepted help over the years...since Spawn has been in school, my elementary school age kids have received gifts at Christmas from the school...last year they gave the 3 boys Easter baskets.  Both Spawn and Sweet Nut received a scholarship last summer to a local summer camp.  But most of the school stuff was done through the social worker there.  She was the only one who "knew" who we were.

Anyways, I decide to go this morning.  So the goobers and I walk over to the church.  We're one of the last people to arrive so we have a bit of a wait.  But we saw a few of our neighbors.  Some of the boys friends.  A family that we used to share a house with years ago when Spawn was just born.  Finally we're called.  We're part of the last group of 3.  Because I have all of the goobers, including the baby in the stroller, I let the other people go before us.  We go up and the kids are picking a juice box and a snack, I get a few things that we could use, like maple syrup, some canned food etc.  I don't take much.  AS we work our way down the line they hand us a small ham.  They pull out a small box filled with baby food, and I take a few.  They push me to take it all.  Baby goober is the only baby currently.  AS I look through the box because I don't want to take things we won't use, I'm a little amazed.  All but 3 were his favorite foods.  In multiple.  In the 2 out of 3 brands we use.  They then give the boys a big bag filled with juice boxes.  Since we're the last, they tell us just to take them.  Then comes a big brown bag filled with food.  Then they pull out a pack of diapers-exactly in Baby Goober's size.  As we're stashing all the stuff we've been given in the stroller, one of the women ask if Cute Boy needs a jacket.  I start to say no-I feel that we've been given so much already.  They pull out this nice new blue jacket.  With tags still in packaging from the store.  In just the size that will last him all winter.  They say that they've been waiting for a little boy that was just that size.  They usually get toddlers or kids Spawn's age.

Then I see two people that I "know".  One who works in the post office and one who is a regular customer at the diner.  They invite us to the building next door for lunch.  I hesitate, but let them convince me to go.  The boys had a blast, and ate most of what they were given.  They used their manners without prompting.  They didn't fight.  They got many compliments while we were there.  As we were leaving, one of the women came out with a small foil wrapped tray.  She tells us to take some of the leftover ziti and meatballs.  But they didn't give us some...they gave us enough for dinner...with seconds.

I know it may seem out there to some, but for me, I saw Jesus at work this morning.  Sure, you could say it was just a coincidence that they happened just to have the size of diapers that Baby Goober uses...or all of his favorite foods...or a buffet lunch that the boys loved...or even the jacket for Cute Boy-which by the way, was the only one of the Goobers not to have a winter jacket that fit, until a little while ago.  I know it's not money, and I know that tomorrow I still have bills to pay, but today, if only for today, my mind is at ease.  Because I know that I should not fear, for He IS with me.  And while I might not get everything I need rightthissecond, He will provide.