Monday, February 24, 2014

Talk about insane.

2014 started out with a bang.  Ugh.

It's been crazy here.  Things are finally starting to calm down.

Around the time of my last post (what, back in October?)  one of the Goobers cracked the laptop screen.  So we have been working off of cell phones for awhile.

Then we had tons of drama at work around the end of the year.  To the point where Chef and I were pretty close to just walking away from the job because we couldn't deal with all the accusations flying around.

Then my Great Aunt Myrtle passed right after New Years.  She was one of the most amazing women I know.  She had just turned 98, and was ready to go, even if we all weren't ready to say goodbye.

Then we got hit with an apartment inspection.  Which itself isn't strange, but I was at work and when I came home Chef said that it was one of our landlords, his daughter and her boyfriend.  And a week later we found out that it wasn't an apartment inspection, but they were buying the apartment (who buys an apartment?  but I digress.  Yes, I'm still a bit bitter over the whole situation and how it was handled).  We were told by one landlord (the other one, if you are keeping track) that we had until March 31.  So we started looking.  And seriously found NOTHING.  Not one single place in our price range that would fit all of us.  We started looking in the next state over...which is really like 10 minutes away for us, and we spend most of our time there anyways, 95% of our shopping is done there, since I'm addicted to Target LOL.  Not much.  I had said something on facebook because we were frustrated and couldn't find anything local, and weren't looking forward to a big move with next to no money (yeah, we were getting screwed with how they worked out rent with us and all that) in the middle of the school year and so close to state testing time (we have 2 testing this year).  One of my friends took to her facebook and connected us with a friend who had an opening in their apartment building.  A bit more than what we were paying, but a better landlord, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room and laundry.  It's way bigger than what we had.  And of course, as winter in NY goes, we moved in between snow storms.  Fun.

Anyways, it's all done now.   With the exception of the kids outside toys, which are still buried in snow in the backyard, but it's finally melting, so we'll be able to get them this week hopefully...we turned the lemons into lemonade, even though there is still a sour taste lingering about the whole situation.

So we are in our new place, IKEA was finally able to deliver our furniture last week, and it's all almost put together (did I mention that we had to throw out almost all our furniture because they found bedbugs in our old rental house back in MAY and they are still there.  Have fun with that one.  We weren't taking any chances bringing those jerks to our new place.)  I just have to out my dresser together.  Chunk still hasn't adjusted to sleeping here yet.  He's up late, not wanting to's sucking.  But the kids go back to school tomorrow after being off for a week and a half between snowdays and mid winter break, so we're going to work on getting back on schedule.

The other awesome thing is that we have a dining room.  For the first time.  Ever.  We have been squished at a small kitchen table for 6 years now.  We put the new table and chairs together as soon as they were delivered and the kids still can't get over how much room they have at dinner.  Plus, we are making a corner into Chunk's Tot School spot.  Which is something else we are working on this week, getting that ready so we can start next Monday.  The dining room was the catch all room for the first few weeks, and I think we are down to a few bags and boxes of clothes that are waiting to be washed and sorted.  (all the boxes of clothes we had in the basement are musty, so we are washing it all before putting it back into storage.)

Chunk is excited to start Tot School officially.   He tells his brothers all the time that it's his school spot :D  So Cute.

Anyways, since Chef bought a laptop cheap off his friend for the kids to use, I figured I'd pop on and's 1:11am and Chunk is still awake watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Hoping he'll want to go to sleep soon, but my luck, when I left for work at 5, Chef let him fall asleep rather than keep him up a bit longer so he'd just sleep through the night...not that he cares since he's asleep.  o_0


PS I know I have to finish my K5 review...I have to go and get the kids back on it.  They loved it but killed the computer after starting the program.  So once they have some more time under their belts, I'll post a full review with pictures. :D