Monday, August 22, 2011


Short update...we're in the middle of moving, so that's why there's been, um.  Nothing.  LOL.

The goobers are all getting ready for school.  Well, all except baby goober.  I just got Spawn and Sweet Nut's teacher assignments today, and yesterday we decided to send Cute Boy to a in home daycare that has a bit of a prek feel for a few hours a week.  I've gone back to work part time, and I kind of felt bad that his best friend (our baby sitter's son) was headed to prek and Cute Boy would be stuck at the sitters with the baby, and have no one to play with.  So the few hours that I work a week that Chef isn't home, Cute Boy will be in daycare making friends.

Baby Goober is a chunk.  I think that Chunk-A-Munk might just stick with the poor kid for the rest of his life.  Everyone is calling him that now :D.  He was 13 lbs 3 oz at his 2 month check, but seeing as how he's almost 3 months now and still a chunk, I think he's probably pushing 15.  We have had a bit of a battle with reflux, but I think it's getting better...well at least there's less pukage and less cranky baby.

I'm off to get some sleep so we can pack more tomorrow.  I know I still need to post pics of our summer adventures...Probably next week when we're in the new place.  That is, if our move in date doesn't get changed.  Again.

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