Sunday, January 1, 2012

And Spawn turns 9...

9 years ago at this time I was in a hospital bed...hoping that the little boy that had already made us wait over 2 weeks past his due date would decide to make his appearance soon.

Now, 9 years later that little boy is still just as stubborn as then, but he's grown so much-physically and emotionally.  He's big brother to Sweet Nut, Cute Boy and Baby Goober-as well as a baby brother from his dad.  He's an awesome big brother-although he has a quick temper.  But he's learning to be patient.

He's struggled a bit in school, but between getting his diagnosis of ADHD in June and having a great teacher this year who's very proactive in getting Spawn the help he needs.  We had a great teacher conference a month ago, which was a big turn around from second grade last year.

Anyways, Happy Ninth Birthday to my biggest goober.  I love you just as much as the first time I saw you 9 years ago.

And now on to the sappy sentimental pictures, :D

enjoying the snow...

getting ready for first grade
 turning 7

getting ready for second grade

bungee jumping into his 8th birthday

celebrating turning 9 at 12am.  First time he's ever stayed up on New Year's Eve!

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