Monday, October 1, 2012

Updates on the goings on here...'s been awhile.  And you know how it can be here...totally insane.

Anyways, update on us.  Spawn had his adenoid taken out just under 2 months ago.  He's doing better, no more snoring, no more night wakings, so we're hopeful that we get a good report when we head back to the immunologist.  Chunk has done better since we changed his meds, but we still have some random fevers and he's had a rattle in his chest that we need to follow up on.

School wise, ugh.  The Ex completely flipped a week before school started and refused to help or support Spawn and homeschooling.  Spawn and I talked it over and we decided to head back to school, for now.  We were able to meet his teacher the day before school started and had some time to chat, and she seems to be a great fit for him so far.  He still wants to homeschool and mentions it every once in awhile, but is doing ok.

Sweet Nut LOVES his teacher.  It's the first time he's had a man teacher, and so far he's doing great.  He somehow convinced me to become class mom, so you'll be seeing more from me with things I'm doing.  I'm also one of 4 class moms for Spawn's class.  Oh boy.

Cute Boy LOVES kindergarten.  He has the same teacher the older boys had for K and he's doing ok!  We need to work on letters but nothing to worry about yet she said.

Chunk also started school!  He took Cute Boy's spots at daycare 3 days a week, and while he's not so sure he wants to be dropped off, he loves it there.

Chunk had been staying up to 12ish each night, and I have no idea why.  It's killing my sleep though, I had problems with insomnia before, now it's just like really?  Sucks,

Anyways, there's the quick update.  More to come later.

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