Sunday, May 2, 2010

So, it's been awhile...

And we've been busy...

I was knocked down by headaches/migranes this week.  Spent quite a bit of time at my neurologists and the eye doctor.  They believe that part of my headaches are from eye muscle strain.  I need to save up some money to get the glasses they want me to have since they don't accept my insurance for lenses.

I've also had alot weighing on my mind.  Spawn has been having issues with school for awhile now.  First grade has been more difficult socially than kindergarten was.  This past week we had some major problems with other kids, and we've been looking at our options for educating our boys.  At 7, you should love school, and right now Spawn is hating school.

We're exploring the option to homeschool right now, and talking to others to see if this could be the right choice for our boys.  We're looking into different curriculum and the regulations here in NY.  So any computer time I've had has gone to homeschool research.  It's not a foreign concept to us, Spawn has been working on his religion education work at home, and Sweet Nut has been working on prek concepts since January.  We have been praying about it and discussing it to see if this is something we want to go after full time.  Our other option would be running us almost $10K next year if we pull out of the elementary school (which we're 90% sure we're doing) and then even more than that when Cute Boy enters school.

In good news, though, we have had the excitement of watching a bird's nest.  We had a mommy and daddy bird build a nest on our porch.  We've been extra cautious to avoid our front door as much as we can and been using the back.  We've been watching out our front door and seeing them build the nest, and the daddy bird bringing bugs to mommy bird to eat.  The boys have watched Mommy Bird fly to either the tree near their room or the electric wire if someone spooks her, close enough to keep an eye on her eggs.  Sweet Nut was saying earlier this week that the baby birds hatched, and we all thought he was crazy since noone else saw or heard them, but yesterday both mommy and daddy bird were at the nest and we saw at least 2 baby birds!  The littles were sooo excited!  I'm going to try and get some pictures when Cute Boy goes down for a nap today.

Never a dull moment in the Goober house.

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