Saturday, May 29, 2010

So it's been an interesting May.

Let's see.

We found out at the beginning of the month that I was pregnant.  Unfortunately, we lost the baby last week.  We go for a follow up appointment next week, and then we'll see what happens from there.

Spawn has been getting into fights on the school bus with some 4th graders.  So he has been avoiding the bus, not that I blame him.

Sweet Nut went for his kindergarten screening and did really good on everything but letter recognition.

They've all been enjoying the weather we've been having and spending ALOT of time outside.

In other news, we're still debating whether or not to homeschool.  The ex wants Spawn to continue with public school, but with the problems he's having, between kids in his grade, older kids, not paying attention in class, having problems getting concepts down, it's a struggle.  He doesn't get it, because he doesn't see it.  I agreed to let him go until December.  If we're still having issues, we're pulling him out and starting to homeschool.  I need to do what's best for my child, and maybe public school isn't it.

Sweet Nut will also be starting public school in September (tentatively).

Cute Boy will be starting preschool at home this year.  We've done alot of thinking and praying about it, and he's just not the type of kid that I can drop off with strangers and walk away.  He'll be a mess, and we want him to like school, not be scared of it.  He really doesn't do well in new situations, but even in them, he's always at least had one of his brothers.

We actually started with a Letter of the Week program for both little goobers yesterday.  Sweet Nut is more interested in it than Cute Boy, but he'll color and read as well.  We're kind of using the internet and combining different books, projects and worksheets from different sources right now for them.

We're looking into different curriculums for the boys.  So far my favorite seems to be Sonlight.  The Core program interests me because Spawn and Sweet Nut can be doing some of the things together (history etc) and other things like reading and math they do seperate.  It's not a Catholic program, but it does use the Bible for lessons, and I've talked to people that have made it work for Catholic families.  I also like that it's literary based, and uses alot of "classic" books to teach.

We're not set on Sonlight yet, and are still looking at others to see if there's something that would be a better fit for our family.

Any one have any suggestions??

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