Sunday, April 10, 2011

Less than 10 weeks?!?

Um...There's less than 10 weeks until Baby Goober makes his appearance.  I mean, I want to meet the little guy already, and I am pretty miserable, but we're in the home stretch...Where the heck did the time go?

All of the major stuff has been purchased.  I forgot how expensive having a baby is!  I have to say, we lucked out with the older goobers.  My mom bought a portable crib that I loved, and it lasted until Cute Boy was about a year old.  We bought a travel system with Spawn, but hated it, so we sold it after he outgrew it.  Got a carseat from my aunt for Sweet Nut and bought a double stroller that I liked, but ended up selling before Cute Boy was born, so I could buy a MacLaren double.  Oh how I loved that stroller.  But alas, our infant seat expired...the Britax Marathon will be expiring.  We sold the stroller.  Gave the high chair to the Chef's niece (we might be able to get that back when we are ready for it...but you never know with the Chef's brother...he's a strange one).  The crib was demolished, as was the pack and play (thank you goobers!)

So, we bought a real crib.  Not a portable one that I always would have trouble finding sheets to fit.  A real one, that will turn into a big boy bed.

That's also the crib set that we bought...I wanted monkeys, the Chef and the Goobers wanted sports.  We saw this the night we went to order our crib and all loved it.

Then there was the car seat and stroller.  I've been looking for MONTHS.  I knew what stroller I wanted (Graco Quattro Tour) and I knew I wanted the car seat to go up to at least 30 pounds (because the Goobers all outgrew their seats by 9 months old.)  BUT I hated all the patterns.  We started looking at Chicco and of course the only one I liked had a 22 lb car seat. The Chef started getting annoyed.  He wouldn't even look at the computer screen for longer than a glance if there was a stroller or car seat on the screen.  I had pretty much decided to get the Chicco...but then we went to pick up our crib at BRU and I talked him into letting me play with the stroller, since the one on display at Target was tied down.  And we had issues with the stroller reopening.  Everytime we did it (or the person from BRU) it would sound like something was cracking.  And the Chef said he wasn't going to pay $300 for something that sounded like that.  So we started playing with the Graco strollers, and low and behold, there was one that I liked.  And it worked similar to the Quattro Tour, but was smaller, and the pattern was ok.  So we got it...before I could change my mind again.

It's a Graco Stylus Deluxe, and the seat is the Snugride 35.  I got home and was looking at it online, and instantly remembered why I kept passing it over.  It looks very white.  And in my mind-BOY+WHITE=MESS.  But it's not that white, it's actually a tan "suede" fabric.  So the Chef thought it was funny that I finally decided on one that I kept saying no to online.  Really, he's just happy that I'm not spending the 10-30 minutes I stay up after the boys on the computer looking at strollers.  Now I'm chilling with him on the couch, and end up falling asleep and drooling on his shoulder.  Not sure how it's better, but he's happy, LOL.

So with the major stuff purchased, and put together (I was mean and made the Chef stay up late the other night putting the crib together...The box was huge and it was sitting in my hallway/living room for 20 minutes and I told him he either had to move it to the basement or put it together.  Meanwhile, I had told him when we were at the Olive Garden eating dinner that it could, it annoyed me. :D  But he was a good daddy and did.  With the help of 3 helpers...they got it done in about 45 minutes.  And I put the stroller together...almost all by myself.  The front wheels wouldn't cooperate. :D

It's a waiting game now...I'm waiting for him to decide to flip and get his head down here it's supposed to be, instead of up in my ribs.  Currently, according to the last u/s and the last ob visit he's comfortable with his head wedged under my ribs on my right and stretching out to the left.  He seems to be still in the same spot, I'm still getting kicked/punched on the left and headbutted on my right.  With Cute Boy he was head down by now and kept headbutting my cervix...not that it's a feeling I'd like to experience again (because that HURT) but this isn't incredibly comfy either.  My next appointment isn't until 2 weeks from tomorrow...and I'm hoping he'll move...

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