Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the Countdown begin!

1 month. 

1 month from today is one of the due dates of Baby Goober.  How is it my kids always have multiple due dates?  According to the last ultrasound, his due date is May 23.  According to calculations, his due date is May 30th.  According to the hospital ultrasound I had in the beginning, his arrival date is June 8th. Of course, the midwife likes the later date...I like the earlier date...I'm hoping he'll continue to be as different as his brothers and come EARLY.  Nothing about this time around has been anything remotely like the last 3 pregnancies, so maybe this will be the one who comes on his own?  Yes?  PLEASE?

The Chef and I keep talking about thinks that we're going to do differently this time around.  We're attempting to keep him sleeping in his crib, rather than our bed.  Seeing as how Cute Boy still spends most nights in our bed at 4...yeah.  Spawn was the same way...he was in and out of my bed until about 2.5-3 years old.  Sweet Nut was the only one that was consistently in the crib (give or take a few months in a teeny apartment that I had after my ex and I split and I had him in bed with me...for my own comfort-because you know the 10 month old could protect me.)  And to this day, Sweet Boy is our best sleeper.  He's usually out within seconds of his head hitting his Pillow Pet...that is as long as whichever brother happens to be attempting to go to sleep in the same room leaves him alone.  The Chef is still amazed at how you can send the kid to bed and in seconds he's snoring...and yes, Sweet Boy does have a little snore.  He got that from my side of the family, poor kid.  And he's up bright and early and ready to go.  Usually.  As for Spawn and Cute Boy, they fight sleep like it's going to hurt them or something...which leads to some really FUN mornings.  So I'm hoping that not co-sleeping (even though I *heart* snuggling up with a newborn in bed) as much will lead to a better sleeper...I have the feeling though I should start looking for a queen or king sized bed.

We're also going to attempt breastfeeding again.  Never did it with the older 2 boys-my ex was against it.  We tried with Cute Boy, but allergies derailed us there.  So we'll have to see how long we can go this time.

And we've got the cloth diapers on stand by.  We did it with Cute Boy, but we didn't start until he was bigger.  These newborn diapers...O.M.G. they are so tiny!  We're pretty much a AIO/AI2 and pockets family-the Chef won't use them otherwise...but the ones we have are very daddy friendly.  We have some disposable ones too, so we'll be going back and forth.

Let the countdown to Baby Goober's Birthday begin!

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