Saturday, November 26, 2011

Attack of the Rocks...Part 2

So, my last post was after surgery...never would have thought that it was just the beginning...not the end.

I've had pain on and off since the surgery, but brushed it off since it was controllable with motrin for the most part-I thought it was just part of recovery.

Sunday I started having a burning sensation in my abdomen.  Like heartburn, but not where you would expect heartburn to be.  And that lasted a few days.  Tuesday night I had really bad pain and ended up heading into the ER.  There they gave me a GI cocktail (ugh that was nasty) and some IV fluids.  They did an ultrasound but didn't see anything so they sent me home.  I was still sore, so I was taking advil and trying to sleep through the pain.

Thursday I woke up with a pain when I breathed.  I toughed it out most of the day but when the big boys left to go with their dads I lost my help, so I didn't last long.  I called the sitter to come and get the boys and went to the ER again.  I felt like this time, although they were busier than Tuesday, that they were taking me seriously.  I took another GI cocktail and soon after that the pain worsened.  That combined with an increase in my bilirubin made the doc come to the conclusion that something was going on whether it was a stone stuck in the duct or an issue with the muscle that opens and closes the duct.

I had an endoscopy done yesterday which found a stone lodged in the duct.  They used a balloon to sweep it out and checked to make sure there was nothing else hiding there (there isn't...cross your fingers it stays that way).  I had one last dose of pain meds yesterday after the endoscopy was done and while I'm still a bit sore here and there, I'm feeling sooo much better.  It's amazing that something so small could cause so much trouble.

Anyways, that's the story of the attack of the Rocks.  Part 2.

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