Friday, October 21, 2011

The rocks are gone...

The goober this it's pretty funny that I had "rocks" in my tummy.  It was the easiest way to explain it to Sweet Nut and Cute Boy.

Surgery was this morning.  They took me into the OR around 10:40.  I remember switching from the transport bed to the operating table.  They then wrapped my left arm in the sheet under me and kind of tucked it in so it wasn't in the way.  The nurse anesthesiologist kept telling me to put my chin up and I keep putting it down (I was getting the gas by this time and he had put 2 syringes of meds in my iv line on the way to the OR)  He then said the other down and I put it up :D.  That's the last thing I remember until I heard someone keep calling my name and telling me to wake up.

I'm getting over a cold so I had to cough a few times while I was in recovery...that was not fun.  But then they put me on a low dose of oxygen and it's been drying my post nasal drip so I haven't coughed since.  They're letting me keep the oxygen as long as I want.  I figure it's better than more meds at this point.

And my mom and I had a good you walk into the ambulatory surgery unit here at the hospital...first thing you see before you get through the entryway is a soda machine and a snack machine.  We joked it was one last bit of torture before you went in, since you can't eat after midnight.  The nurse I had in OR prep said that people complain all the time.

The nurses here have been awesome.  I should be going home sometime tomorrow.  The Goobers will be home on Sunday after the Chef gets home from work.  

And Cute Boy will be thrilled that the rocks are gone.  I've been getting yelled at all week for "eating rocks"  He was so cute about it I couldn't correct him, LOL.  

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