Friday, February 24, 2012

Why hullo there.

I know, I've been neglectful.

We've been busy here.  School, work and battling germs.  You know the usual things in a family with 4 goobers.

On with the updating!

Spawn:  We're still dealing with problems in school.  Our ped wants the school to evaluate him to see if meds would help.  His teacher thinks he's doing ok without them.  Although we have been getting notes home about behavior.  He's doing better, but is still just below where he should be.  Chef and I have been talking, as well as some conversations with Spawn, we're going to be pulling him after he finishes 3rd grade this year to homeschool.  We're in the process of going through different materials and figuring out what will work best for us.

Otherwise, he is doing pretty good.  He loves helping with Baby Goober and often disappears to hide and read...he says as long as he hides that his brothers can't find him and make him read to them.  He does love to read to them, but I get needing some time to read alone.

Healthwise, we had another long function test a few weeks ago.  The last one, they upped his inhaler to 2 puffs 2x a day.  While his lung finction isn't perfect, he did the best on the test that he's ever done since we started back in July.  They're keeping him on the same regimin for now, and he goes back in March for another check.

Sweet Nut:  Loves first grade.  He finished all 120 sight words before Christmas and is working on the second list now.  He moved up in reading again, I'm not sure where he is because by the time I figure it out, he's moved up again, LOL.  He has a love/hate relationship with Math.  Depends on the day.  And he's loving spelling.  I'm not sure where we got this kid!

Healthwise, he's been the healthiest of the bunch.  He's taken it upon himself to watch what he eats...he's been watching me.  He's been picking fruits and veggies over other snacks and drinks a TON of water.

Cute Boy:  Loves his prek.  I love that it's not as harsh as the one Sweet Nut went to.  It's a daycare run in a private home, but she has it scheduled day like a prek.  He's looking forward to turning 5 in less than 2 weeks.

Healthwise, he's been pretty good...a bit of a fever ad cold a few weeks ago that knocked him down for a bit, but nothing major.

Baby Goober:  Is almost 9 months old...and I'm wondering where the time went!  He's thisclose to crawling, although he's got the army crawl down, and he's pretty fast.  He's got 4 teeth now, and he's loving food.  And he's got the Mama down when he feels he needs attention or something isn't going his way.

Healthwise, he's been battling a cold.  Even with that though, the last time we were at the doctors he said that Baby Goober's lungs sound better than they have in months!  Yay!  He's still on the nebulizer 2x a day for his pulmicort with albuterol as he needs it, and we haven't used any albuterol in over a month!  Yay!

As for me, thigns have been ok.  I've moved up at work to marketing director.  It's perfect because I'm dealig with graphics which I love, and I can do it from the office or from home.  It's played a big part in our decision to homeschool Spawn.

We're also heading back to Catholicism.  It's been a big decision for me, but it's the right one.  So right now, I'm in the process of getting some things ready to teach the boys about Lent.

Anyways, that's what's been going on here...I'll be posting some of the Lenten projects we do hopefully really soon.

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