Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learning about Lent

So, since we're returning to the Catholic Church, the boys have been having a ball learning about the faith.  I've been scouring looking for resources to help them learn more...and of course, it's Lent, so there's TONS of things to learn.

The first thing we're doing is the Lenten Adventure from Holy Heroes.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we get an email with the link the the next lesson.  Included is a video of KIDS teaching the lesson-they
re not very long and the boys love them.  Then there's different printables for each day.  Spawn can do almost most of them, with some help.  Sweet Nut and Cute Boy and I work together on the puzzles and they do the coloring pages alone.

The second is the Jesus Loves Me this I know E Book from Royal Baloo.  This is awesome because it's geared more towards Sweet Nut and Cute Boy's age, where as Cute Boy can do some of the Holy Heroes activities, but some are too hard for him.  I like that they tackle a different part of the Easter Story each week and there's a craft.  I just found out about this and we'll be starting it tomorrow.

The other helpful tool the big 2 goobers are using are the Mass Response Books from Holy Heroes.  We won them, and they used them for the first time today and they were a lot easier for them to follow along.  I like that the book covers the Mass in one half and in the other half covers the prayers they need to know.  We have started praying the Angelus daily as well, and even Cute Boy is picking up on the prayers.

I'll be back with some pictures of our activities this week!  The goobers are so excited!

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