Monday, June 18, 2012

Attack of the Germs.

It's been a rough weekend.

Spawn brought home pinkeye on Thursday.  Then Sweet Nut got sick at field day.  Then Chunk got a nasty cough and fever all weekend.  Oh and Sweet Nut got pink eye on Saturday.

The big ones are doing better.  Chunk is still pretty rough.  The dr upped his albuterol to every 4 hours, and he's also on prednisone and antibiotics.  We go back in the morning.

I'm hoping this combo of meds work.  Momma hasn't gotten a good night sleep in 3 nights now.  Chef traded missing his soccer game so I could go to a meeting tonight for on call duty tonight.  I know I'll still be up though.

We go back to the dr to get rechecked in the morning.  Fun times in the goober house.

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