Saturday, June 30, 2012

First week of Summer Vacay!

Chunk has had a rough week.  This was Monday night when he still was fighting his fever.  I sat him down to fix the big boys dinner and he fell asleep in his chair.

Poor sleepy boy.

Then he perked up a bit on Tuesday and we were able to hit the movies to see Madagascar 3.
First movie trip!
(I promise Chef isn't sleeping, he's not fond of pictures.)
And these two were thrilled with being surprised with a movie theater trip.

And here's a happy Chunk.  If we could get rid of this nasty cough, we'd be golden!
He learned how to "drop" things and get them picked up for attention.  Fun times.

I promise, Spawn didn't miss out on all the fun.  He was up at his dad's when we hit the movie theater, but him and Chef have a movie date for the new spiderman movie that's coming out.  And we have him this coming week.  Plus, my boy-who-hated-school is begging to start homeschooling, so Monday after Chunk's doctor appointment, we're starting with some readin', 'ritin and 'rithmatic.

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