Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Blogging Challenge...

So I decided bravely to enter a blog challenge.  It's a pretty simple one.  Just to blog every day in June.  Head on over to Peanuts are EVIL if you want to join in!

So I know...I'm writing this at the last minute, coming in under the wire, and it'll probably be after midnight when this posts...but I tried, so I get points for that right?  LOL.

I'm still adjusting to being home during the day.  I haven't been home during the day normally for a LOOONG time.  But I'm enjoying it!

We jumped into homeschooling for preschool for Sweet Nut and Cute Boy today with both feet.  We kind of played around with it last week, but today we hunkered down and got some learnin' done.

The big goobers were gone all day (one with Dad, one at school) and so that left me and Cute Boy all alone.  We watched some dark clouds roll in, watched the rain and talked a little bit about how the rain gets in the clouds.  We also talked about trees and how they drink the rain and they make air for us to breathe and they make good homes for birds.  I was pleasantly surprised because he REMEMBERED it and when we picked up Chef at work, the Chef quizzed him (I hinted about our day) and he remembered most of what we talked about!  I guess at 3 I shouldn't be surprised, but I was.

After dinner we worked on our letter for this week which is B.  Sweet Nut did a word search left over from the letter A, and then did some B writing practice and a B word search.  We're making an ice cream cone to help us remember our colors that we're going to put on the wall so he worked hard on cutting that out (with some help from Spawn.)  Cute Boy got the Chef in on the action.  They worked on a B coloring sheet and attempted to trace some B's, and then Chef worked with him on cutting.  He holds the scissors weird (which we're trying to correct) but he cuts pretty well for a goober.

I decided tonight to make a box for Sweet Nut with some letter and writing worksheets in there.  He really likes doing them, and this way he can grab one if he wants to do it outside of school time and do it if he'd like.  He loved the idea, so we'll see how that goes.

We're also working on a letter train to put on our wall.  The Goobers love trains, so this is a very fun project for them.

Anyways, I'm off to bed, night y'all!

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