Saturday, June 11, 2011

And then there were six...

The Baby Goober has arrived!

So it's been a bit of a crazy week here, adjusting to having a newborn again, dealing with Goobers, the Chef has a new schedule, etc.

Anyways, here's Baby Goober's birth story.

Tuesday, May 31st, I went in for a regular appointment for my 39 week check-up.  They did a NST (and he semi-cooperated) and checked me.  I was 2cm.  I spoke to my midwife about induction.  I was planning on one since all of the other Goobers had to be evicted.  She said we'd talk about it next week at my 40 week appt and would probably be sometime that week.  I asked if we could just schedule it now because the Chef was getting a new schedule at work and we were trying to figure out who was watching the other Goobers etc.  She said she'd give me a call that day and let me know.

I got a phone call that afternoon telling me to be at the hospital at 7am the next morning.  *SHOCKED*  So I called the Chef, and we scrambled figuring out what to do with the boys between the sitter and the exes, spoke to Chef's boss and got his schedule figured out, ran to the grocery store and got cupcakes and juice boxes for Sweet Nut's birthday party at school the next day, packed the hospital bag, spent time with the Goobers before dropping them off at the sitters that night.  I don't know who had a harder time with the drop off that night, Sweet Nut and Cute Boy or the Chef and me.  

We got to the hospital just before 7am, and had to wait a bit, since it was a full house.  We ended up in a postpartum room where they started us off with everything and the pitocin was started around 8.  There was 3 other inductions and 2 c-sections going on so we had to wait for the c-section to get under way before they moved us to the regular labor and delivery room...that was almost at 10am!  Our midwife came in to check me around 8:15 and the nurse told her that she was having a hard time keeping Baby Goober on the monitor. No surprise to us, since he's been this way EVERY time a monitor was put on!  She broke my water around 8:20 am and put an internal monitor on him.  

Once we made our way back to our labor and delivery room I was able to sit in the rocking chair for a bit.  It was the first time EVER that during a delivery I wasn't made to stay in a bed, so I was very happy.  I spent a good couple hours rocking away the contractions.  They started getting rough, but I was able to deal with them.  Around 12ish, they started getting pretty strong, and I knew I wanted my epidural soon, but a delivery was going on and they had grabbed my nurse to help.  She ran in the room to tell me she'd be back as soon as she could.  Awhile later, she came back and had the midwife come down and check me, and the midwife said I could have my epidural.  They were ready to go with it pretty quick and it worked almost right away.  The Chef caught up on sleep while I tried to relax.  I was comfortable, but couldn't sleep, so I watched some TV.

My mom came in later that afternoon and commented on how "happy" I was.  Drugs are good :D  She left to go get my dad, and grab some dinner.  I remember around 6ish starting to feel pressure, and around 6:40ish it was bad.  They got the midwife in and she checked me and there was some cervix left, but she told me to push through the pressure to see if we could get rid of it.  Just before 7 I started pushing.  At 7:16pm Baby Goober entered the world on June 1st, 2011 weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long.

Spending some time with Mommy

Meeting Papi

All Cleaned Up

My First Morning

Posing with Uncle Golden Boy

Meeting GG (Grest grandma)

Ready to go home

First morning at home

The bigger goobers came home 24 hours after we brought Baby Goober home.  I missed them bunches, but it was nice being able to recooperate a bit at home before the monsters attacked boys came home.

Meeting Spawn

Meeting Sweet Nut

Meeting Cute Boy

First picture of all the goobers (don't mind the mess in the window-I lived on the couch the first day home)

Typical man...passed out on the couch

And his 1 week old picture

So, we've been a little bit preoccupied here to say the least.  Haven't had to many jealousy issues, but we are dealing with trying to be a bit quieter when Baby Goober is sleeping.  Spawn and Sweet Nut are almost done with Kindergarten and 2nd Grade.  They've got 2 weeks left.  We're not doing a vacation this year, but we're going to be taking some day trips.  We're close to lots of fun things like the Bronx Zoo, Six Flags, Philly, etc.  It's also nice because the Chef was able to change his schedule to be working the same amount of hours, but he's home 3 days a week by 4pm, and has one full day off as opposed to only being home by 4 once a week and one day off...he still works until 8pm 3 nights a week, but it's better than 8pm 3 nights a week and 10pm 2 nights a week.  The only thing we all are getting used to is we have to bring him to work at 6am.  But, we can deal with that in exchange for having him home with us more.

I hear some squeaking coming from the swing so I should get ready to feed the little guy soon...he's a good baby so far.  He squeaks before he really cries, but if you ignore the squeaking, he'll show you just how loud he can get :D

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