Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Baby Goober gets a car...

So my last post, I told you all how Baby Goober has been sick the last few weeks. Right in the midst of him being sick, he got a car in the mail.

I love it!  We've had some wooden teethers for him and he seems to like them...banging is a popular pasttime.
But seeing as how he spent most of the day like this:
or like this
(I was mean and sat him in his high chair while I made the big goobers their lunch...)
there wasn't much time for playing.  But the other day he started perking up and so I busted out the car.
He had to check it out first.
and the other side, just to make sure it passed his taste test...
I'm thinking it did.

I've been getting him more wooden toys and such because of the questionable things found in plastics.  A friend of mine has done lots of research on the topic (you can read what she's found out on the topic and how she's dealing with it at One Little Word She Knew) and while I haven't totally banned all plastics from my house, I do try to be more aware of what the goobers use everyday, and what Baby Goober sticks in his mouth.  Baby Goober doesn't seem to mind since wood makes a very LOUD noise when banged on his highchair tray and is a good weapon when his big brothers insist on bugging him when he's eating or steal his puffs. 

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