Thursday, March 22, 2012

Go germs go!

So I know the last time I posted, I told y'all about our plans for Lent...

We've done some of them, but haven't gotten very far...Baby Goober has been pretty sick.

He started out with a fever that we assumed was from his 9 month shots. That quickly turned into a stuffy nose, a nasty cough and a fever of 103+. We upped his nebulizer to include albuterol every 6 hours and called the dr.

He had some nasty lung congestion. They added an antibiotic into our medicine lineup and upped his albuterol to every 4 hours around the clock.

2 weeks later he still has a little cough and a bit of a runny nose hanging on. But for the most part, he's over it. But, he was nice enough to share with Mommy, Daddy and his brothers. Sweet Nut went down first. Then we found out quickly that winter was over. I mean, yeah, sure, days and days of 70* weather could have clued us in, but Sweet Nut has broken out in hives, found poison ivy-which he's very allergic to and has numerous mosquito bites already. He can look at poison ivy and get it, so we're trying to find out where in our yard or the sitter's yard it is that he got it already...he knows to stay away from it, but we need to know where it is so he can avoid it.

That and I've had to pick up some extra shifts at the diner to cover some people who are out on spring we haven't gotten as much done as we'd like but we're getting there.

Hope you all are healthier than we are!

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