Saturday, June 26, 2010

And so the schooling begins.

We're officially in schooling mode over at the Goober House.  Sweet Nut and Cute Boy LOVE learning, so it's been pretty easy so far.

Spawn finished school yesterday, and he was asking for things to work on during the little boys "schooltime".  Chef was working on him with some math review, since it seems like Math is not going to be one of his strong areas.

We hit Target the other day, and scored in the dollar bin area.  We got 2 packages of small foam shapes that we're using for math manipulatives.  They had a ton of workbooks so we got some of those.  They had some weather stuff that we picked up, as well as some small whiteboards.  We ended up picking up a 3 drawer plastic cart that we can use to store school stuff.

So here's the plan this summer:


Math-work on reviewing math concepts learned during 1st grade, review telling time and counting money

Reading-he as a summer reading assignment that we'll be using for this.  He's going to be reading 20-30 minutes for his reading log, and then once a week he'll chose one book he read to use for his Story Quilt piece for school.  It's like a basic book report.

Writing- He'll be doing copywork once a day.  We're going to be working on spacing and neatness.

Sweet Nut:

Letters-We're working on letter recognition.  He wants to work on a different letter each day, but we're trying to slow it down a little bit :D.  We work on writing the letter, practice the sound the letter makes, and try and find things when we're out and about that start with that letter.  We're also making a letter wall using Sesame Street coloring sheets from

Numbers-He can recognize all his numbers now and can count to 20, so we're working on writing them and counting items using manipulatives.  We're also working on patterns.  We count when we're out and about, and he's also doing Sesame Street coloring pages from Sprout that we'll hang up.

Colors-We've been playing with color, seeing what happens when you mix colors etc.

Shapes-We've been practicing drawing shapes and finding shapes when we're out.

Writing-we're working on writing trying to get our letters facing the right directions.  We're also starting with some basic sight words.

It seems like a ton, but he's doing some here and there.  We basically write out on his white board what we're working on and he can go to his school drawer any time and pull out the work.

Cute Boy:

Letters-we're working on singing our ABC's.  He's almost had it for awhile, so we're trying to get ALL the letters in there.  He also copies whatever Sweet Nut is doing.  He also has the Sesame Coloring pages.

Numbers-He can count to ten, so we're just working on finding things to count.  He's also been playing with patterns.

Colors/Shapes-  we're working on recognition.

Writing-we're working on some basic writing skills-drawing lines, curves etc.

All 3 boys want to learn more about the world around them and are always asking questions, so we let them pick topics they wanted to learn about.  We'll basically stick with a topic for a week, learning about it.  For the next 3 weeks, we'll be learning about water, trees and cows.  Where they come from, how they benefit us, etc.

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