Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turning 5...

Sweet Nut,

My sweet boy.  I can not believe that you are 5 already!  It seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital, and you were giving us a bit of a scare with your breathing.

Since day 1, you have been keeping us on our toes.  You can usually be found with a smile on your face...or getting into trouble.  

Lately you enjoy spending your time with Cute Boy working on your letter "projects"  Who would have thought you would be so into learning?  You're constantly asking for more school work to do, Kindergarten should be a joy for you.

You've also been very patient this year waiting for your birthday.  It's been hard since you are the last in the family, with the rest of us having birthdays in January, March, April and May, but once you saw June show up on the calendar, you've been asking every day if it's your birthday.  You've been doing a countdown since 8 days ago.  I can't wait to see the look on your face when you wake up to erase the last mark on your countdown!

You're also the first of the boys to have a big kid party.  You're the lucky one since the rest of the boys are winter snow babies.  You chose Chuck E Cheese, and all your brothers and cousins are so excited to go!  You chose to invite your little cousins so you could "teach them the games" and you chose to invite C. so Spawn would have a friend.  We were very surprised that you chose your family over your school friends, but in the end, we shouldn't have been, that the type of sweet boy you are.

I'm so proud to be your mommy.  I love the boy you've grown into and look forward to meeting the man you are going to be (but let's not get there too fast ok pal?)

I love you more!


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