Sunday, April 18, 2010

Conversations with a Goober.

In the car this morning on the way to drop Chef off at work:

Sweet Nut to Spawn: That's not how you do it, remember what I told you the other day at Home Depot?

S: What ARE you talking about, we didn't go to Home Depot.

SN:  Yes we did, we went to look at flowers for planting outside, oh, you were at school.  Mommy do you remember what I said about Sonic? (they were playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games on the DS)

Me: No, I'm sorry, what was it?

SN: C'mon mom, you know!

Me:  Know what?

SN: Papi, do you remember?

Chef:  No, sorry.

SN:  Well when Sonic, oh look at that!  It's a dog!

S:  And what about Sonic?

SN: What are you talking about?

S:  Sonic

SN:  Did you win?

S: No, I got Second, but you said something about Sonic, remember?

SN:  ...

S:  Sweet Nut?  Hello?

SN:  Hi!

S: rolls his eyes and goes back to playing his game.

...This is a common conversation with Sweet Nut.  He reminds me of Dog from the movie Up.

And this next conversation makes me sad.

Me:  Spawn

S:  What?

Me:  How was your weekend with your dad?

S:  Ok

Me:  Just ok?

S:  Yep

Me:  What did you do?

S:  You know, stuff.

Me:  What kind of stuff?

S:  We hung out, I played with my brother, you know GUY stuff.

Me:  Oh.  Ex-cuuse me.  You had fun then.

S:  Yeeesss.  I said that.

He's 7.  Aren't we able to hold conversations?  And guy stuff?  Geesh.  He's becoming a teenager way to fast!

And so Cute Boy isn't left out...the doctor doesn't want him having any milk until we're sure this virus is gone.  And he's not happy.

CB:  Mommy, I wana milk.

Me:  How about tummy juice?  (Gatorade)

CB:  How bout milk?

Me:  Water?

CB: Milk

Me: Remember the dr said no more milk until your tummy is better.

CB:  Dr said milk make tummy betta

Me:  No silly.

CB:  I have milk in bug boy cup, no baba?

Me:  No milk.

CB:  But I no fro up today.  Tummy betta.

Hope you all have an awesome day!

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