Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Involved in the World Around Us

Update:  Please please PULEASE go to MckMama's blog, if you feel moved to help.  She's giving away a free wifi iPad to someone who donates to Compassion's Child Survival Program through the link on her page.  It's all about Barking Less and Wagging More.  

So, I read blogs.  I enjoy it.  Apparently you do to.  I mean, I didn't hold a gun and tell you to read this did I?

And I'm in awe and inspired by the ones I read.  I take suggestions from them and try and use them in my home and life.

One is a friend of mine.  She's a SAHM of 5 boys.  She homeschools.  She lives her faith.  Daily.  And she answers my questions :P.  She's part of the reason that I've come home to my Church.  I strive to be a bit like her.  She blogs about her boys, she blogs about things they are doing in school, she blogs about how she's celebrating the Liturgical Year.

Another is a person that apparently people either love or love to hate.  I happened to stumble on her blog via a sidebar link.  She's just a normal person.  She loves her husband and her children.  She has problems and she has celebrations.  But, recently, she's been inspiring, to me anyways.  MckMama and her husband left their children home and made a trip to Kenya with Compassion.  The things she describes that she saw are remarkable and unspeakable.  The living conditions of the places she visited shock you.  But the smiles in the pictures of the children are moving.  She helped many children get sponsored through Compassion.

Currently, we are not sponsoring a child.  We keep going through the lists, and wonder how do you chose just one?  We've been talking about it with the boys, and we'll be doing at least one from Southern Mexico, which would allow us in the future to visit.  Please, if you feel the need to help, go to Compassion's webpage and see the faces.  That's what sealed the deal for us.

Compassion is also starting a program to help pregnant mothers get the care they need and the change to feel God's love.  It's called the Child Survival Program.  Too many children are dying when they don't have to.

By being inspired to live our faith, and having the chance to share with our boys what MckMama has shared on her blog has reminded the Chef and I that there's things we can do to help.  It's helped us be able to teach our boys to love thy neighbor and to help when needed.  MckMama and I might not be of the same faith, we might not agree on everything, but she has inspired me to get my family WANTING to help.  I could just send a donation and be done with it.  But, I want my boys involved.  I want them to know that while God is Great, there are people suffering in the world.  I want them to be moved to help because it's what the Lord wants, not to impress anyone.

It's a hard lesson to learn, and it's one that I needed to be reminded.  I think that that sidebar link showed up just at the right time.

God works in mysterious ways, my friend.


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