Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just another normal weekend, right?

Rashes, scrapbookin', throwing up...just another normal weekend for a mom.

Friday, Cute boy woke up with a raging red rash all the way around his neck and down his chest and shoulders.  Ped says it looks like poison sumac.  Yay.  Now we get to try and find WHERE he got it from so noone else gets it.

Saturday, after determining that the baby goober was indeed, ok, I went to an all day scrapbooking crop.  I used to scrapbook when Spawn was a baby.  Got one page done in Sweet Nut's book and stopped.  Found this awesome group on meetup back in the fall and this was my 3rd all day crop with them.  It was a blast, and I got quite a few pages done.  Somehow I'm missing pictures of Spawn's 3rd and 5th birthdays (I can't even remember what we did for them...bad mom.), Sweet Nut's 3rd birthday (hoping my mom has some, because I made a rocking cake for that party!) and Cute Boy's 2nd birthday...I might have been slacking and not taken pictures that day...  But the goobers and the chef were pleased with the new pages I did accomplish.  I have 4 books right now-one family one, and one for each of the goobers.

Came home with the mini goobers last night since Spawn was at his dad's, and got them ready for bed.  Chef came home, and I went to lay down with Cute Boy.  About an hour or so later I was woken up by that sounds that every mom dreads, and followed by the through 'Oh please, not on the bed!"  Knowing that the 3 year old probably didn't make it to the doorway, much less the bathroom, I just prayed it was on the floor.  Chef, came running in hearing retching, with a garbage can from the other room, paper towels.  Not only was the boy covered in it so was the blanket and the bed.  Blech.  We cleaned it up the best we could, sprayed the mattress and laid down a bunch of towels...because when Cute Boy's stomach is not cooperating, it's not a one time thing.  Dealt with the tantrum because we took "The Blanket" away because it was covered in puke.  He slept on and off for the rest of the night and I slept next to him and Chef was on the floor.  We got good at it though because the other 4 times he retched, we caught them with a towel or the garbage can.

Sunday, Cute Boy exclaims that his tummy is all betta and the itchies aren't so itchy today, so we drive Chef to work, and brave the grocery store to pick up his script cream (because they pulled up the wrong name in the pharmacy and said they needed to redo the script yesterday) and pick up some milk and stuff.  While we waited for the people in the pharmacy, Cute Boy declares that "My tummy hurts"  and he wants Spawn to take him to the potty.  Spawn looked less than thrilled, but said ok to avoid the tantrum we both knew would ensue.  They came out of the restroom, and Cute Boy declared himself all betta again, and Spawn said all they did was wash their hands?

Came home and the goober blessed me with 2 blowout diapers in less that 20 minutes.  This was bad because 1.  He decided that he needed to go potty, so I told him he could go without realizing the diaster that was hiding in the diaper.  and 2.  I had barely just gotten the clean diaper on and the bathroom clean.


After cleaning that up.  Again.  Cleaned myself up, and made some sandwiches for lunch.  Cute Boy downs his applesauce and then announces he's going to bed.  He was out like a light.  Still is.

Fun times in the Goober household this weekend.  Fun times.

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